PhygitalTwin, founded by Louise Laing in May 2022, aims to revolutionise the fashion industry by leveraging emerging technology to reduce waste and improve efficiency. With a vision cantered on sustainability and market responsiveness, PhygitalTwin represents a pioneering force in reshaping the future of fashion.

Louise Laing Bio

Louise is a trailblazing fashion executive with over 25 years of experience, leading innovation in the digital realm. As a serial entrepreneur and bottom-line-focused leader, she has streamlined and optimised supply chains for iconic brands like Burberry, Reiss, and Kilgour, spearheading cost-saving initiatives such as relocating production operations and making savings of over £3m. Transitioning to building her own consultancy 10 years ago, Louise propelled over 20 start-ups and SMEs to success, showcasing her prowess in scaling businesses.

At the helm of Shrimps, a London Fashion Brand, Louise orchestrated a remarkable 240% revenue surge, expanding the brand's presence across wholesale, e-commerce, and strategic partnerships. Her visionary leadership transformed Shrimps into a powerhouse, achieving positive EBITDA within 3 years.

A prominent futurist and advocate for sustainability, Louise's insights have captivated audiences at global forums like Davos and on the radio, where she champions digital innovation in fashion. With her unparalleled expertise and commitment to change, Louise drives PhygitalTwin's mission to revolutionise the fashion landscape, bridging the gap and seamlessly integrating the digital and physical worlds for good.

About PhygitalTwin

Experts in AI and 3D design, we empower creators and brands to innovate using emerging technology and experiences, driving customer engagement, expanding audiences, and creating new revenue streams while optimising workflows for efficiency and cost reduction.

We are redefining the Brand & Consumer Landscape for the brand and creator-consumer economy. We believe that the fashion industry is at an inflection point. Customers are moving from passive consumption to active participation. Using AI empowered mass personalisation technology we enable a simple and cost effective gateway to design, develop and produce for brands and consumers, digitally and physically.

At PhygitalTwin we:
- We help large brands digitise their current collections in 3D
- We are helping brands and creators bring to life their 2D/ 3D/ AI designs to their audiences IRL
- We currently work with some of the worlds largest retailers to implement their digital and innovation strategy
- We are building connected brands for the future bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds

The process



  • Moving to demand manufacturing (meaning all orders are sold before going into production) means no inventory and no waste. This is the only truly sustainable model.

  • There is a push for near or on-shoring manufacturing following Brexit and there is a demand for smart factories.

  • There are some start-ups creating digital clothes, but they do not offer an end to end service that includes production.

  • We provide a platform to create or mint the NFT which means that any creator of NFTs can go into production and post sale prove they are the authentic owner of this digital design.

  • Future Web3 decentralised blockchain applications will allow creators tokenisation and fractionalisation opportunities as well crypto-payment solutions for end consumers.

  • The ability to allow users to not only buy digital items in the fashion space but to also have unique “1of1” certificate of ownership adds a level of exclusivity and uniqueness.

  • Creating a micro-factory means we are ahead of the curve. We digitize all operations from 3D CADs to cutting. This allows agility and speed to market (within a week).

  • Trying on a garment, either using AI or a ”Virtual Try On” service reduces returns by up to 25%.

  • We will create communities and loyalty programmes.

Create your collection

We work with brands to producecarefully curated collections, wellmatched in style and looks

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