About Dr. Robin B

7th Feb 2023

PhygitalTwin, the sustainable Web-3 digital and fashion marketplace, launched the world’s first-ever phygital athleisure collection in collaboration with the influential L.A based health and fitness expert Dr. Robin B, as the Metaverse looks to disrupt the $380 billion global activewear market.

The world’s first-ever “phygital” athleisure collection, “FitRX”, includes 7 phygital and 6 digital-only designs, emblazoned with a vibrant body-forming digital print that runs through every style  as well as 3 immersive snap filters with wings and bubbles to allow you to try on the garments in your own home.

By purchasing the physical piece, customers automatically receive a complimentary digital collectible that grants them immediate access to the VIP Membership. Once part of the VIP community, there are benefits not available anywhere else including an exclusive Dr. Robin B cooking and workout video, discounts, priority access to future drops, customisation opportunities and much more.

Pushing against the typical production process of fast fashion, the “FiT Rx” debut collection is also the first of its kind that has been sustainably curated and will be made and printed on-demand, creating zero waste.

To amplify the truly Phygital Experience, PhygitalTwin partnered with Exclusible, the leader in digital luxury by having a party in the metaverse space with their metaverse partner W3rlds, which rewrote a new chapter for digital experiences. The virtual party will took place at the same time as the launch party in LA on the 7th of February.