About George Champ

George was one of 60 Year 6 students who worked with new customisation tech provided by Phygitaltwin.io to design their hoodies. The children created original artwork before uploading it to the 3D tool. Headteacher of Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School, Carl Howes, said, "It was incredible to see the high quality of the work they produced."


Amanda Eliash, Jayne Pickering and Mary Fellowes, all gave their time to judge the amazing creations by the children.


Interim Children's Parliament Prime Minister Harry Acheampong was on hand to bestow George with the winning prize.

In his speech, British Ghanaian Harry warned of the waste within the Fashion Industry, the second biggest polluter and revealed how Ghana has become a 'dumping ground; for the fashion industry. "On-demand production is the way forward to cut down on waste," he said.

There is no doubt that real-time, on-time design and manufacturing reduces waste; when you think it takes 6 minutes to design this hoodie and 20 mins to print and manufacture, you can receive a garment in the same time as fast fashion, but without the waste—game Changer. 


A Green Tomato eco car took the 3 winners to Fashion-Enter Ltd’s London micro-factory to witness the 3D garment being printed on-demand using Kornit's sustainable print-on-demand technology, turning digital designs into reality in minutes.


The garments were then taken to Portugal where they were shown on a catwalk during Blockdown Festival on the 11th July.


Labour MP for Hammersmith, Andy Slaughter, called the "Sustainable Fashion Project" a wonderful thing when meeting with, Willow Bell, the daughter of Louise Laing, PHygitalTwin and the child MP, 11 years at Westminster.