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Introducing the Breeze of Birth Collection

Introducing the Breeze of Birth Collection: A breathtaking fusion of art, technology, and sustainable fashion, crafted by renowned digital designer Julia Blanc, AKA BlancDeBlanc. This marks Julia's transition from the digital world to her debut in physical fashion. Hailing from Ukraine, Julia brings her digital mastery to life in this limited edition collection of only 30 pieces, each meticulously tailored to fit you perfectly. Our on-demand production reduces waste and returns, offering a sustainable and personalized fashion experience.

Witness the enchantment of our Phygital catwalk show, featuring Julia's imaginative designs. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this fashion revolution. Explore the collection and watch the video from LFW catwalk. Available on September 29th during Paris Fashion Week. Be the first to get your exclusive piece, tailored just for you. Embrace fashion innovation like never before